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Paint Party! (Group session with the same painting): Gather up your friends for a fun and interactive step by step paint session. online & in person available. pre-drawn canvases are available!


Kreative University is an online and mobile art studio that aims to provide educational, fun, and inclusive paint parties to people ages 4 through adulthood. Kreative University aims to build a community of unified diverse kreatives, ultimately positively impacting the human race.


  • Building empathy for others through cultural education and exposure.

  • Building trust, a sense of community and shared understanding among all who participate.

  • Developing a high-self esteem through the use of the arts.

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Jalilah Jackman is a Brooklyn, NY native who is passionate about bringing the positive impact of the arts to children and adults. Jalilah started teaching Visual Arts for the NYC Department of Education in 2016.

At her day job, she has been able to curate an art curriculum that is educational, fun and filled with diverse artists from

all over the globe.

Jalilah got her start with teaching paint parties during the 2020 pandemic. She has enjoyed helping people access their creativity through specially curated and interactive paint parties. 


Through Kreative University (formerly known as Jalilah’s Art Studio) she aims to continue to provide

educational, fun, and inclusive paint parties to people ages 4 through adulthood outside of her workplace. So far:
● 70 + Children served via Jalilah’s Art Studio….
● 30 + family art events ….
● Over 200 NYC Public School students taught since 2016…

It is Jalilah’s hope that Kreative University and its mission will grow to reach more
children and adults- creating lasting and impactful memories through the power of art.
Past collaborations have included: Ume Ume, Private Picassos, Crayola Experience, and The Artful Parent.

Interested in collaborating?

Send an email to

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