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“Ms. Jackman was my daughter, Maya Littman’s pre-k art teacher during the 2020-2021 remote school year. Maya had daily remote classes with other teachers but it was Ms. Jackman who made all the difference. I still vividly remember Maya’s excitement on mornings when she had art class. She had a voice. She mattered. She created. She blossomed. She was able to explore through book readings and art assignments to a diverse collective of artists from Frida, Kusama, Ringgold, Matisse and her personal favorite-Basquiat. Through the lessons, Maya was able to learn about their cultural roots, their differences and similarities, their disabilities, understand courage, study their work and most importantly, create from it. Ms. Jackman's art class was Maya’s lifeline.”

Davina W. (mother of Maya)

Brooklyn, NY


Kreative University's paint party was an amazing experience. The other guests were very welcoming. We were offered hors d'oeuvres & wine. Our canvas was already outlined which saved time. Our instructor Jalilah was very patient with us, explained everything thoroughly but also allowed us to put our own style to the painting. No one was left out & if visual learning was not enough, she was willing to give mini one-on-ones! I look forward to all that KU has to offer, not only for kids but for adults as well!


– Brandi C

Private K.U. Mother's Day Paint Party

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